Virtual CISO Service

If you are a mid-sized organization or start up, you may not have thought about a formal security program.  But, you are growing your business and have doubts that all your information and processes are secured.  That’s where our Virtual CISO Service can be of value. 

This service can help you develop and operate an effective security program by leveraging your internal resources and other IT service providers.  If you are a growing business, we can help you align your security program with that business to help you meet your objectives.

We take a partnership approach to accomplish the following:

  1. Manage business outcomes
  2. Train internal staff to assume more responsibility
  3. Develop sustainable security processes
  4. Move security maturity level up
  5. Assist in starting a sustainable security program
  6. Provide threat modeling for systems risk analysis
  7. Training for staff and executives
  8. Independent recommendations for security tools and services
  9. Present to Board of Directors and senior management

Fred Scholl