PCI Compliance Assessment

Are you just starting out on a PCI compliance program?  Have your systems changed since your last evaluation?  Are you looking for ways to reduce PCI compliance costs?  Are you concerned with risks of loss of card holder data?

If you answer any of these questions is "yes", then our PCI Assessment service can provide value, by assuring an easier path through the compliance process, reducing the cost of compliance and evaluating your real security risks.  Our assessment includes the following deliverables:

  • Business process diagrams for CHD
  • Network diagram illustrating flow of CHD
  • Ideas for reducing PCI scope
  • Risk assessment for CDE 
  • Test for presence CHD outside of defined scope
  • Define people, process and technologies to support continuous compliance
  • Gap analysis for PCI requirements 1-12
  • Development of processes and procedures to meet PCI DSS