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Don't fall victim to BEC

Business Email Compromise (BEC) continues to be one of the most successful information security attack vectors.  Criminals steal email addresses and passwords of C-level executives and then use this information to initiate fraudulent financial transfers from the executive's employer to the criminal's bank account.  In this process the executive's home network is also vulnerable.  It will likely contain sensitive information, including business account information.  I discussed this risk and recommended solutions in my webinar "Cybersecurity Tips for High Net Worth Individuals and Small Businesses" last February, now posted on LinkedIn here.

Two new books cover the topic in more detail.  I recommend both to security practitioners.  The first is Cybersecurity:  Home and Small Business, by Raef Meeuwisse.  The second is Small Business Cyber Security, by Adam Anderson and Tom Gilkeson.  Both books adapt the NIST CSF to the home and small business environment.  They will help you keep your clients' homes and home offices as secure as the corporate headquarters.