Date: 05/06/2023
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Last night I went to a screening of Laura Poitras’s movie about Julian Assange. If you are interested in national security, I highly recommend the film.  I had expected a big crowd, but Nashville’s Belcourt was only about 20% full.

Love WikiLeaks or hate WikiLeaks, it is likely Assange will continue to be in the news. The movie ends with Attorney General Session’s statements directed toward putting Assange in jail.  The rest of the movie covers the period back to 2006, when WikiLeaks was founded. You can come to your own conclusions as to whether WikiLeaks was or still is a valuable publishing forum.

I came away with questions such as: who is funding this organization? Or, what is the public benefit of disclosing the Vault 7 CIA documents? Should WikiLeaks be using Twitter to promote the hack of the Macron campaign, as some have reported?

The media blitz surrounding everything Assange does (including this movie) is shocking. Probably not for those participating, but for those of us on the other side of the camera and microphone. How can anyone make rational decisions in the glare of these lights? I don’t think it is possible.