Date: 17/08/2022
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The future of information technology

We live in a time when information technology is turning everything inside out.  This presents challenges and opportunities for information security professionals.  I had the pleasure this week of listening to a presentation by Michael Rogers at LegalTech in NYC.  The subject of his talk was information technology in 2020.  Mr. Rogers designates himself as a "practical futurist" and can found at  Here are my security related takeaways from his comments:


1.  Everything will be more mobile.  Although the size limitations of smart phone and portable computers might be seen to be a limitation, new input and output devices will be included to facilitate the concept of work anywhere.  These include picoprojectors to project screens on the wall and heads-up goggles.  These devices will continue to make securing the enterprise and home more difficult.

2.  More and more relationships and business will be done virtually.  While traditional business has been done through face to face handshakes, the millennial generation and succeeding generations are now more comfortable with the virtual relationship.  We need to come up with something to facilitate online trust.  Can we create a federal standard for a secure legal identity?

3.  Mr. Rogers talks about the "Internet of things", where everything has an IP address.  More IP addresses means more entry points for hackers, whether it be through Internet connected cars or even Internet connected dumpsters.  The Internet connected car could facilitate pay as you go insurance, but could also be a target for fraudsters.  I'm not sure about risks associated with Internet connected dumpsters!


The convergence of social media, mobility and cloud is going to challenge security professionals in these areas and many others!