Date: 22/02/2020
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Data Governance Anyone?

I recently had a scary experience with Amazon.  I regularly order items on this site, and have not had significant problems.  However, yesterday was different.  I was ordering an emergency flashlight and four way travel powerstrip and about to complete my order, when I noticed that the shipping charges totalled $1055.44.  See the screen shot to see what I saw.  Fortunately I caught this and didn't click "Place your order".  Amazon explained to me that the seller, not Amazon, had incorrectly provided this shipping cost.  Was it fraud, a computer error or a simple human error?  I don't know.  Did anyone else order the flashlight before me?  Here is an example of a data governance problem, where Amazon is importing erroneous data without checking the information.  It's their reputation that will suffer, if someone really does order the $1000 flashlight.  I believe that there is an opportunity for security professionals to get more involved with these types of problems.  It doesn't really matter if the data "glitch" is fraud or a data import error or human error.  The effect on the customer relationship is the same.  As an entry point into this field, check out